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A dedicated WEB site, for the Education & Restoration, of the 2 Ton Tractor
We are well aware there are those who are NOT HAPPY, unless they find mistakes or errors.!! 
We have gone out of our way, to make sure they are not disarpointurd.!!!!
(All Photos arranged in no particular order)
To refer to any photo- MS Internet Explorer, on MENUBAR Click VIEWClick STATUS BAR
(tick on), then mouse over any thumbnail, view Bottom LHS of screen image name.eg.------------- maaa.jpg
Many thanks to those that supplied Caterpillar 2 Ton Books, Brochures, Photos & Info
. EdB, Nightcrawler, Sylvester, BruceOz, OzDozer, Mike Meyer, G.W.Howard, Catspotter, Ken Patterson,Clem Demm,
QuAd, Wimmera Farmer, Rig&Dig, Mike Lyon, Randy, Little McKenzie Mack, ChriscoKid, Willie, Halftrack, Chris Austin, 
Timbo1946, detroitpwr64, Slospeed, Holt2Ton, Garlic Pete, Billy, GWHDiesel75, GWHoward, RusrRunner, Rodten, 
Dubefanatic, Gvoem, Don14, Vintage Crawlers, David Densley, Branxholm, MachineryZone, Dem1st
The Fine Print Bit

 -: Without Prejustice :- 
Caterpillar 2Ton Tractor World  website has been derived through necessity in obtaining much sought after information and photos
for educational purposes and restoration. It is a Hobby and Free site for all to enjoy. Some pictures have been lifted off the Internet,
If you do not like me using these images then you should not have placed them on the www for all to see in the first place.
You cannot remove images from ones minds eye and all images are just a endorsement of the Caterpillar 2 Ton tractor.
So live with it!

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